The RAHM Contest as a mirror to reflect on your own skills and identity | by Meike Imberg

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Are you an opportunist? Do you at least open the door when opportunity knocks to see what’s out there? I was lucky and privileged enough to learn through the people around me and my experiences in life to always open the door for opportunity; you never know what’s on the other side…or who. I opened one of those doors after receiving a LinkedIn message from a member of the RAHM team – and damn, I am glad I did!

I listened to my intuition and one thing led to another; there I was at the networking meet and greet at the Berlin Contest 2019. I was super excited because I knew that everyone had been through the same interview process and that everyone would have such an interesting story to tell. The whole ‘networking’ thing isn’t natural to everyone and if anything, the term seems to be quite hyped in our society which does not help – at least in my view. It is heavily linked to employability and we can’t shy away from the fact that we live in a world where ‘who you know’ rather than ‘what you know’ seems to be more effective and important at times to get us to places and into directions we want to go into. I decided for myself that I am morally okay with the whole idea as long as I use the connections for the greater good and to continue changing the world. But that again is different for everyone.


I could talk about every single aspect of my RAHM adventure in Berlin, but that would take a long time as I genuinely enjoyed every moment for so many different reasons. It is more important to me to share how meeting all these wonderful and passionate people has already changed my life.

Having joined a professional LGBT+ community and hearing all these diverse stories has helped me to learn more about myself and how me being LGBT+ plays an important role in my professional life and my leadership style. I’ve always just been myself with everything there is to my identity; being German, female, LGBT+, in my mid-twenties, etc. - I had not really considered that being LGBT+ affects my professional life but my fellow RAHMers helped me to realise that this part of my identity has always been a big internal driver for me to push for positive change.

I think of my initial experience with RAHM like a mirror. Of course, I learned a lot about myself in terms of the actual challenges of the contest e.g. my communication, leadership, different approaches etc., but in this post I am more referring to a mirror which enabled me to reflect on the different parts of my identity and how these affect me in different aspects on of my life in a completely new way. Since the RAHM contest I have been exploring these concepts in more depth and I can tell you that a lot of intriguing insights, emotions and thoughts came from that which I am looking forward to exploring further in the future.

I know my journey with RAHM and the global LGBT+ community only just started, and I cannot wait for what the future holds. Next time I would like to share how I started to apply my experiences with RAHM in my personal and professional life as Client Account Manager for Stonewall UK, so keep your eyes peeled!


Article written by RAHMer Meike Imberg




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