Discussing Trials, Errors & Cinematic Inspirations

Our second RAHM Digital event, Trial & Error with LGBT+ leaders, focused on changing, adapting, and overcoming! We were joined by four executives live from their home-offices in Germany and Ireland, all from different career backgrounds and their own areas of expertise: Holger Reuschling, Founder of Anders Erfolgreich; Anja Kunad, Head of Infrastructure Innovation & Execution at SAP; Steve Jacques, CEO at Key Assets Group; and Margot Slattery, Global Diversity & Inclusion Officer at Sodexo.

We were excited to hear their opinions about the impact of the current situation on the future working world, and their own strategies for coping with uncertainty and an altered everyday. 


Our first speaker Holger noted the particular experience many LGBT+ people have in coping with crisis as a result of the AIDS epidemic, stating that the world needs LGBT+ power and LGBT+ people; now more than ever! Talking about the importance of positivity and technology, he outlined his experience consulting at the moment and shared with us several of the principles he’s been encouraging his clients to follow.

Anja gave a structured discussion of her experience of changing working styles, and explored the key aspects and the benefits – as well as the challenges – of leading a team while working from home. One of the biggest changes for her has been the need not only to take on different roles, but to frequently switch between them; she needs to be a leader, mother and teacher, all in one morning. She emphasised that now is an ideal time to try mindfulness; to really consider how best to make an impact with the work that we do.

Referencing ideas raised by the previous speakers, Steve went on to deliver a Wizard-of-Oz themed talk on crisis management that inspired us all to be more like Dorothy! He gave us three key principles for how we can all get through the crisis together: intelligence, compassion and courage. He also underlined the fact that this is all a process – we’re all learning and transforming every day.

For our final talk, Margot shared her perspective of working in a multi-service company and her experience of rapid societal change. She noted some points for optimism, such as that changes prompted by the crisis may have a positive impact on inclusion. One central focus of her talk was the question of how we can bring our learnings back into the workplace! 

A couple of closing questions from our attendees and RAHM Project Manager Katrine sparked a discussion about learning new skills in crisis conditions, and we wrapped up the event with a big thank you to all!


If you’d like to join the next RAHM Digital, tickets for our upcoming event The Power of Skills and Strengths Visualisation are now available!

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