This is how LGBT+ leaders will change the status quo




When the COVID-19 pandemic hit 2020, it disrupted almost every part of our daily lives. While many large events were cancelled, RAHM decided to move our planned Impact Day online, thinking that now more than ever the LGBT+ community needed a collaborative event designed to deal with the challenges facing us.

And of course, digital also means global - so we’re now able to work with RAHM participants from all over the world, including several new members.

The core principles of the RAHM Global Impact Day are leadership, teamwork and problem-solving, and a collective approach with RAHMers closely involved in the process. The topics, or challenges, that our groups will work on have been suggested by participating RAHMers, and everyone can choose which 4 particular challenges they wish to address on the day.

The final selection of topics is still to be decided, but we can reveal that they will be in two broad subsections: topics exploring the impact we as LGBT+ leaders can make in the professional world, and topics focusing on the impact and positive social change we can create within and beyond the LGBT+ community. 

Here are just some of the questions that we plan to address! 

  • How to better incorporate LGBT+ individuals into industry/sectors that are not as LGBT+ friendly? 

  • What could be a blueprint for setting up an LGBT+ network? 

  • Historically, the struggles of LGBT+ people and BIPOC have intersected, with the communities fighting for similar goals of liberation. In today's climate, how can we 1. specifically amplify the Black Lives Matter movement and 2. support all BIPOC in the LGBT+ community?

  • We are living a transformational moment worldwide and as the world is preparing to relaunch, how can we use this time of change to push society to reassess its values and views towards LGBT+ people?

We can’t wait to hear the answers and solutions that RAHMers develop together.

The results will be published in an exclusive booklet following the event, to ensure that everyone who attended the RAHM Global Impact Day has a record of the developments made and can share their findings with others. 

If you want to read the findings, make sure you join us for the Impact Day! RAHMers can just sign up through the form below, but hurry - the deadline is 18 July.



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