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Research about the Barriers and Challenges in LGBTQIA+ Leadership


As an LGBTIQ+ community, we know how important it is to support each others. Those of you, who had tried to find academic works about leadership in the LGBTIQ+ community, know how few scientific articles there are. This is why we are more than happy seeing researchers, who want to explore LGBTIQ+ issues in their academic work.

Luiz Henrique da Silva, who is a PhD student in Administration at the University of São Paulo, Brazil is looking for participants for his online survey: LGBTQIA+ LEADERSHIP: Barriers and Challenges in Organizational Work Relations.

For you the survey takes a few minutes to complete and every answer will contribute to his academic work.

You can answer it until the end of May 2021 




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This research is developed by the academic Luiz Henrique da Silva , PhD student in Administration at the University of  São Paulo, Brazil, under the guidance of Dr. Emerald Jay D. Ilac of the Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines. 

The work context can constitute a sphere of life where LGBTQIA + people suffer negative consequences, which can hinder their career, reduce their efforts and even their confidence on the part of the team. In this sense, it is important to reflect on the management of diversity in order to seek a humanist perspective and awareness of the prejudices, stigmas, violence and harassment suffered by LGBTQIA + people in organizations. Thus, it is evident that many LGBTQIA + leaders suffer barriers and challenges in organizational working relations.

Seeking to contribute to reducing this reality we are conducting a research that has as a purpose to identify the mains barriers and challenges of LGBTQIA + leaders in organizational work relations.

By reading scientific articles (which are few) on LGBTQIA + leadership and working relations, we set up an online questionnaire with six analysis factors (activism, gender and sexual orientation, stigma and marginalization, workgroup composition, diversity and inclusion policies, and professional career) identified in the literature that represent some of the barriers and challenges faced by LGBTQIA + leaders in organizational work relationships.

We would like to invite you to answer this survey's online questionnaire which takes a few minutes to complete. Your collaboration is relevant! Please, after finished, could you help me sharing the survey questionnaire with your friends so that we can reach as many respondents as possible?

If you do not identify yourself as a member of the LGBTQIA + community, you can also collaborate by sharing this questionnaire with your friends.

You can also contact Luiz Henrique da Silva by mail: luizhenrique301@hotmail.com 

We appreciate your help. Thank you all in advance for participating!


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